1994 BMW 325i Questions

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what could be the problem if i cant get the car to start?
When driving home last night all the dash lights came on and the rev-counter speedo etc all zero'd for a second (it was same when i first start the car and the key is in the 2nd position) but the engine stayed running and i continued my journey - it seemed very strange as they was not even a drop in power or anything else, it just seemed electrical. It happened again to me this morning on my way into work, i had my foot down this time merging onto a motorway but again the car kept going without even a stutter.......What could be wrong?? please help.
I found someone selling this model. it had 164,000 miles on it which doesn't seem bad at all. I still have to look at the car but if everything looks good what do you think I should do? i just need a car for the next two years to take to school with me then I'm moving to the east coast. I know BMW's are expensive to keep up so do you think this one would cost more because it's older? I am really interested in a BMW and it's perfect for my price range!

Thank you!
i just replaced the starter and its was running fine for a month but i went to start it 5 mins after i was driving it and the key turned fully but my engine didnt start. there was no sound or anything. i played with it a bit and then mt radio started to play. i took out my key and the clock and radio was still on. i hear that theres electical problems and ignition problems with 1994 bmw 3 series. is that my problem and how much is it going to cost?
My car has no trouble starting, however when I take the positive battery cable off the car automatically turns off. I also just put in a new alternator. Does anyone know what may be causing this problem?
My 95 325i only blows heat and cold air when it wants to. what is the problem
Where is the cabin air filter located & how often should you change it?
all gauges not working; fuses ok
i just took my car on a little drive on the highway and then parked it. about 30 mins later tried to start it and all i heard was a clicking and when to pop the hood and it was smoking just a little. now it wont start. i think its the starter motor but not sure. anybody have same problem. is it something i can fix or is it going to cost me alot.
I have a 1994 BMW 325ic, and need to replace the DME (Got wet). Is there a difference between a 0 261 200 413 DME with a red label and one with a green label (I have a green label)?
my 94 325i convertible wont start,went to start it and does nothing not even a click,it powers up but doent do anything.Any suggestions?how do i replace the starter?
trying to remove the heater core what is the best way to do this
where do you fill the power steering fluid and should you check your oil when engine is warm or cold? thanks
Just had fly wheel and starter replaced. When i got car back it now idles high and Rpm needle bounces up and down. Car sounds like it is going to cut off and battery light flashes off and on.
Started sluggishly on 2nd crank, ran fine for over an hour highway trip to work. Stoppped and went to work. Tried to start and would even turn over. Seemed like a dead battery. Got a jump and started right up and ran fine for the trip home although lights were flickering slightly. Got home turned off and won't start again. Pulled battery and put on a charger, but battery is fully charged.
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