1994 BMW 325i Questions

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i have replaced heater core recently but heater does not work properly
the front and back brakes
Internal light went off, TCM symbol was on entire trip (22 miles), turned L or R make noise. Mechanic said oil leaked, L and R power steering hose, rack and pion, tranmission service, alignment cost $1200. All parts are EOM. One mechanic said Joint Arm and bushing need to be replaced. How do I know. Please help.Are cost overpriced? Thanks
i have a 1994 bmw 325i and when i sit at idle it will die or pud i took it in and they still cant figure out the problem is it my mass air flow sensor or how do i fix this? (ive already tried changing spark plugs and gaskets)
how do you take off the timing pull?
how much does it cost to replace a bad engine?
in A the car will not drive forward smoothly, in M it drive and shifts just fine. I'm guessing it's my trans and not my rear end. is this correct? and is it time for a re build on the trans? Or will normal maintanence fix the issue?
My BMW 325i sat in the drive-way for a week without me started it, when I got ready to start it, it didn't start.
Never had this problem. Had the car now 4months. feature: alarm system
my car drives fine but if im driving and shift into neutral to just coast to a stop my RPM's will go down past 500 and then rev up past then rev down until it balances out. after the cars been running it wont do that. is this a problem that i should take care off? is this a problem?
when the engine is at operating temperature the tappets start to sound
My sunroof doesn't work. Not sure if i need new fuse's at all? Then my driver window won't go up. Maybe it feel of track how would i go about opening the door to put it back on? thanks for the help
I added 1/2 RO gal filtered water. When I have it inspected and serviced Should I have a radiator flush service added? Can I easily do this myself with a "kit"? How common is this? BTW My radiator, hoses and cooling fan were installed new 2-years ago, thanks!
I brought my 325i 1994 to a certified BMW mech to replace the radiator and a rear Bearing in the brakes. They replaced the radiator , thrmostat and housing, and brakes in rear. Then the next day , They said the battery was dead, Charged the battery and now it cranks but does not start. I drove it in the shop for the radiator. Could it be a faulty or mis wired Radiator coolant sensor? The mech says when that batt went dead it wiped out the computer and that it needs to be re configured. They been on this for a week now....
Help me out! I had this Vech for 5 years and it has been fantastic!
need to replace battery 1994 bmw. need to know the cranking power needed for the car.
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