1994 BMW 325i Questions

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its bogging when i turn, use a/c or when it bloody well wants sea foam in it now. fuel filter is next if i can find the stupid thing
drivers seat back does not move when I press the switch, I hear the motor but the seat does not move, is there a way to move the back manually
My A/C fan only works on setting 4, why doesn't it work on settings 1,2,3
I have a message in my car that reads tail light failure. I took it to the BMW dealer and they told me that my tail light assembly is burned and i'll need a new tail light housing and re-wiring done which will cost me $550! I'm nervous about going to another non-BMW dealer to have it fixed because its electrical wiring. Do you think its ok to try another place. I don't have 550 right now but I really need that light fixed. How much should it cost.
when I turn the car off the on board computer stays on, and the windows still work after I turn the car off, and open the door????? How can I fix this? Please I need a jump every morning to get to work.....
fan blades are broken need to replace it how do i do it without the belt moving
how do i check the transmision fluid
cost of replacing water pump?
I have poured too much money in a now very nice 325ic. If i'm going backwards up hill the reverse slips. All forward gears work great. I was told it might be low fluid and that this is very rare in the 325i's. Since there is know why too check the fluid levels without spending a ton of money, does anyone know or have a suggestion? I know the worst case from a rebuilt one to a new one.(transmission)When the car is on a level road reverse's only going backwards up hill??? Thank you in advance!
when the car is cold runs good but when thw car warms up it idels fine but whan it warms up idels rough and push in clutch pedals it cuts off i was told it was the crank case vent valve ender neith the the intake is this so, can i be any thing else.. please help before some one gets hurt send a email to me plase at toddwebber
I'm thinking of buying a BMW 325i but theirs no reverse so I was wondering what could be wrong and is it expensive to fix? Or could I just park it on the street and make sure I don't need reverse
What is the orientation of camshft lobe on no one cylinder, not getting a definite info can cause me a bent intake valve please help thanks
how many quarts of oil does it take
I had the clutch replaced ... like 2 months ago ... then the pedal went to the floor had both slave and master replaced ... just got it back and there is like NO play maybe 1/2" then it slams into gear (even though I am releasing the clutch VERY SLOW??? I have had the car for years it has NEVER been like that ... but the mech. states that's the way it is ??? I changed the slave myself like 2 years ago ... NOOOO problems .,.. now this ???
engine turns over but wont start. changed fuel filter. made sure battery was fully charged. Checked plugs and air fliter both were good. and yes it has gas. took fuel line loose from fuel pump and it seems to have pressure. any suggestions would be appreciated.
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