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No water pumping through upper and lower radiator hoses
i took engine out of my1992, 325is and put it into my 1994bmw325ic,but it now won't start.why won't it start now
I ought a 94 BMW 325i about a month ago. The has been running and driving fine but the on board computer was always telling me to "check coolant level". When I did, the coolant level hadn't changed and the car never overheated so I wasn't sure what was going on. Yesterday I was parked with the car running when I noticed my check engine light was one and my car was over heating. No sooner than I notice that I hear a pop followed by a lot of hissing and steam from the engine compartment. I kill the engine and step out side and there is antifreeze all over the street but none in the engine compartment. After letting the car sit for a while I opened the radiator cap and started adding water to see where the car was leaking from and I found it leaking from 3 hoses near the brake master cylinder. What do I do next?
seems to work fine any other time
I already took off the vibration damper and took out the bolts on the timing cover and removed the head and i need to take the crank shaft bolt and get the cover loosened
They said it is a drain plug leak .I am to have car oil change done soon now that I am here . What type oil should I use? and also what do they have to do to fix drain plug leak ? I am not so sure about these lube centers???? I also now need to get inspection and sometime Brake light sensor goes on, I think previous owner put on brakes that do not register with sensor . Will I fail inspection with a Brake light sensor warning light going on sometimes It is not brakes they work fine ! are new ! Donna
he convertible top is up drivers side front and rear windows do not meet,when top down they meet perfect.passenger side does fine
fuel gauge shows empty and temp shows hot
i have a 1994 Bmw 325i and have just had to change the battery in the car. National Tire and Battery sold me a battery that is not the exact battery that was in the car, but they assure me it would work just fine. my car does start better than ever but now my temp guage starts to rise almost immediately and im wondering if its something to do with the battery itself or if its something to do with the car resetting after having changed out the battery.
I mysteriously got locked out of my 94 325i.
All was well a week ago the car started fine still in driveway. When we tried to unlock the door with fobs (2) they both failed to unlock any doors.
It also has rendered the key useless on both doors & trunk. I have heard that there was an issue with the door lock actuator...that caused an entire lock out.
Any help...signed perplexed
i am going to fix it myself but cant find a good draw out online to tell me where it is i need to look
fuel gauge, tachometer, and temp gauge, turn signals and brake lights do not work
It is located in the throttle housing
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