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my car started and ran but the alternator was going out so i changed the alternator and the battery and It still wont start but drained the battery again
I just replaced the waterpump on my car, but its still overheating and it is also losing acceleration power, barely wanted to move today after I replaced the waterpump, I noticed today I also have an exhaust leak, I also have a milky residue on my oil cap with some coolant or something too, I thought maybe my head gasket is blown but the oil on the dipstick when I checked it is normal, I'm at a wall somebody please help. Thank you in advance.
no power to the convertible
We have had the pans, gaskets, and pan bolts replaced on both pans. That didn't fix the leak. The only help was a repair shop in CA when the guy said he thought it was the servo seal while he was filling it. But that requires dropping the tranny... Is there anything else I can check first before fishing around with the tranny being dropped? It's a big enough leak that it needs to be refilled about every 300 miles or so.
I got my fan clutch fixed so it's not running hot anymore but my transmission shifts from 1st to second but takes a second for third do I need transmission fluid
As I mentioned my radio will come on some times in the morning only in the morning for a few seconds and shuts off I thought it was a fuse at first but then it turned on and off can it be a electrical issue? ?? Some body me please I need my old school music...
When I turn my radio up it blows fuses and my dash lights quit working along with brake lights and/or the whole right side lights
What could cause this? & how would I fix the problem
Battery fully dead aftef 2days of no operation?
Can't find brake fuse 46
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