1992 BMW 325i Questions

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check my fuses but they work fine...what can it b....need help please.
Where is the Low side of the AC system in a 1992 BMW 325
my temperature gauge goes up and down when I'm driving.
I also checked the temperature gauge after I parked my car and let the engine running. Then same thing happen. Temperature slowly reached highest point and after several minutes it goes down to normal temperature.

I checked cooling fan, coolant level and color. All of these was fine.

What possibly causes this problem?

where is the thermostat located on a 325i 1992 bmw 4 door sedan
I have a 92 325i and it keeps overheating
I have already pulled the thermostat but no change. Its almost like the water isn't cycling through the motor properly. is there any way to bleed that system to see if it's just an air pocket?
the drivers side airbag if you remove the bolts is there anything else hooked to it
what are the procedures for removing the airbag on 1992BMW 325i
how do you remove the airbag
how do you replace the ignition lock on a 1992 BMW 325i
the car was starting up, but i didnt touch it for about 2-3 weeks and now it isnt starting and the windows arent working either, but i could hear the ignition whirring.
and then a day or so after i hear no response from the ignition at all.
do i just have to replace the fuse box?
the car drove fine until i got caught in traffic and was idling with my foot on the brake, however, the engine started 'jumping' as if i was pressing the accelerator. i also noticed the rpm's jumping as it did, and then the engine died. i turn the ignition again and the car started, but stalled after a few seconds, so i decided to turn it on again and give it gas, but the car would roll slowly and then give on me again.
any ideas?
what do u think its tha problem 1992 bmw 325i thanks
The windows and sunroof both recently stopped working in my 92 BMW 325i E36 4 door sedan. I checked all of the fuses and the only one that is not working is the #1 fuse which is the sunroof. Do the power windows and the sunroof both run off of this fuse? The fuse is fine just not getting any power. I also checked the breaker everything is fine with that. I looked at some other forums on the web and found a discussion on a window relay. I looked but could not find it. The window relay is not a part of the fuse box under the hood. I am completely lost and dont know what else i can do or even what to look for. Could anybody out there please help? Thank you so much
I am considering purchasing a 1992 bmw 325i, the car has 260k miles on it but im told it runs great. I has new radiator, brakes and other things it also has a manual trans. The asking price is $1500. Are there certain things that I should look for if i decide to test drive it. Researching i found that the bmw should run for 450k without engine issues as long as i maintain it well. What do you all think, please help...
the front passenger side window is not connected. how do you remove door panel to reconnect the window to the gears?
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