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I was wondering why my car smells like gas inside of it, could this be a fuel filter problem? Or what could it really be?
I have a 92 bmw 325is and just had clutch replaced 10 months ago. When I let out on the clutch with vehicle in any gear i get a chatter like the pressure plate is chattering. The shop says they think it could be the flywheel but $600 to tear down and find out Is the flywheel machinable, if so shouldnt this have been done or brought to my attention by the shop at time of clutch replacement?
A few days ago, my car stopped blowing heat out of the vents. I checked for the coolant level, it's good. I also checked my fuses as well too, they are good. I've also replaced the thermostat and bled the system. Still no heat coming out on the vents. Can you help me? Thanks!!!
its linking oil and coolent but i wanted to know enstamint of how much it would cost me to have someone fix it?
how much will a tune upcost me?
My 325i was working then the next day I went to turn it on and the blue light when on. So I read the manual and its says something about a code that you have to put in. The problem is that I bought it used and don't have the code. The manual also says to disconnect the battery for 5 minutes then reconnect and then a timer would go on for 15 minutes and then the car would start again. While been there done that and nothing oh and the battery is fully charged.Can anyone help me please. Hopefully I make sense to someone out there. Thanks.
car will not power fuse in block,is impact switch before this fuse? or after, and does any kind soul know its whereabouts?
Im trying to locate my fuel filter on my 1992 bmw 325i and i was wondering how hard is it to change out?
A couple of days ago i washed my 1992 bmw 325i, that night my wife drove it and she said she smelled gas she thinks then when she went to drive it later it wouldnt start. It turns over and seems like it wants to start but doesnt stay on. I bought the car in May and have been using the sea foam pretty much every two months and i was told that the sea foam might have washed away a bunch of gunk that was in the gas tank and it went through my filter. Then i had someone look at it and they banged on the gas tank and it started up that one time, but they said they think my exhaust is clogged and my converters need to be changed. I cant imagine all that would have happened when the day before the car ran fine, SOMEONE PLEASE HELP.
i got a 92 bmw 325i manual trans, and recently ill be at a red light and go to into first gear and go to take off and the rpms wont raise as well starts putting. therefore i got back into neutral and hit the gas harder to bout 4500rpm than go bad in to first starts to take off it shifts fine all the way up to fifth gear than starts to jerk a little and gets so sluggish it slows the car to a slow stop. also car starts fine, idles fine, and it neutral will rev all the way to 7000rpms no problem. any ideas?
my heater blower does not work at all. fuses are good. where is it located and is there a way to direct connect the blower. what can i do to fix this problem inexpensively
I need a new air condition/heater motor for my 2002 bmw 325i,what is the cost?
When I turn my cars steering wheel it squeaks.Just recently I turned the wheel to the left and not only did it squeak but it rumbled a bit and my car smelled shortly after.Is the problem my turning belt going?
Hi, I have a 92 BMW 325i my back signal and my hazard lights works, but not the fronts. Checked all the wiring and bulbs and relay everything looks good.
windows worked and slowly the problem began. sometimes they would work and sometimes all of the time they dont work. not the fuse. Where is the window motor relay switch located, what does it look like?
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