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I been searching all over for this a/c unable, or cut-off switch on my BMW 325i 1992 m50 and can not located on my car nowhere, please help me. My ac does not work, it only blown hot air, and I did everything to locate the problem and it goes back to this switch. no noise or leaked
Clean radiator change water pump thermostat is good and still overheating is driving me crazy I need my car please help
I replaced the master and slave cylinder I bled it but when I started it I lost all pressure in my clutch and wldnt go in gear I had also pulled out a thin piece of metal bout 2" long when I took out the slave cylinder so since replacing tht didn't Wrk I'm guessing my throw out bearing r something in the transmission messed up so I'm tryin to figure wat clutch kit goes in the trans
When there not working the black box under the back seat just clicks when you hit the window button...BMW said the box isn't the problem....any suggestions
My car is to low in the front
I recently did a full brake change but I recently started to hear a noise when I break.
My steering wheel starts to shake very bad when I go over 50mph but gets better past 60mph.
During a cold startup the engine will flood and will need to let stand for a couple of hours to start up, during most startups one can't press on the gas pedal prior to cranking engine or it will cause engine to flood. Was told by one mechanic that restricting gas flow by pinching fuel line help once engine floods. The only sensor going off was the MAF and engine knock sensor, replaced the MAF.
When driving the cars power fluctuates
And you can see it doing it if you look at the energy control meter
Its needle on that meter goes side to side rapidly slightly
/ \ / \
(Sorry if my way of explaining it is hard to understand)
Or if there's any other way thank you
Battery was dead and I put a new battery in now the security system won't let me start the car
I am taking care of a friends 1992 325i. Engine oil light came on-I-opened the hood--I see a dip stick with red handle and then a large turn cap that has a dip stick on it that sits slightly below the engine but I do not see a label on either of these...both are located on the drivers side of the engine..don't want to add oil to the wrong place.
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