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i installed a new brake switch and the brake lights won't go off
front passenger side window broken out
1989 325i
Is chipping my car worth the cost, and will it make my car not pass smog.
How do you change the high brake light on the convertible?
I can't figure out how to get into the housing.
My car idles rough and black smoke with high RPM .Its a stick shift so it BUCKS at will due to bad RPM.
I can't turn the key to start the car. I know ... "wheel lock", but the wheel isn't locked and I can put the car into neutral as well as drive & reverse, etc. I used both sets of keys so it isn't a worn key either. And the tires aren't touching the curb blocking their motion.
Any help without expensive repairs? Thanks
1st the car is a 1987 BMW 300 series, not a choice. I replaced the alternator as the car was not charging. Now it charges fine, but three days later it started intermittently refusing to start. When it does this, the starter does not click, it can not be jumped, and repeated turning the key does not result in starting. I have to push start it, occasionally this happened several times in a row. Later it will start just fine several times in a row, then it won't start again. Now the last three days it starts fine, so I am at a total loss. The car drives great, and the problem did not start until after the alternator was replaced, but I had been push starting the car for 3 weeks, while I waited to get to the shop to replace the alternator myself. The alternator had been producing enough power to drive the car, without headlights, but not enough to charge the battery. I don't know what the small part I replaced is called, but the battery charges great now and everything else works.
i have repaced the ignation switch and the car still will not shut off the only way i can turn off the car is by pulling the coil wire.
1990 BMW 325i -average cost
1990 BMW 325i
it is actually an 89. tried to use key, lock and unlock, tried to push against door and lift on handle. Driver door will not open.
my turn signal works sometimes i dunno if my switch is going out or if it something else but when i hit the steering will it will blink sometimes it will work then sometimes it dont work at all but it works every time i flip the switch and bang on the steering one blink per bang my hand is starting to hurt help please
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