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The top half of my stick shift knob just ripped off one day. Is this normal? Is this something I should superglue or are there better aftermarket products I can use?
Car has 150 compression on all cyls. hit deep water on highway. drained fluids and checked valves, all ok.Ran perfectly for @2hours and then stalled.Check eng light went on with code for o2 out of limits. Replaced sensor and tried different ECU. Any ideas where to go from here?
How hard is it to remove the Driver's Side Door Panel; I have to get to the Driver Side Door Lock Mechanism; Driver side door will not lock properly. In order to lock the door I have to turn the key to the right and then pull up on the handle, and then the lock button will go down. The door unlocks manually OK. Any suggestionsA?
The Wiper Switch sometimes is intermittant in its operation. The switch has three modes: Intermittant; low speed; and high speed. Once in awhile when I put the switch to either of these modes the wipers do not work. I have to move the switch up and down to all three modes and sometimes the wipers work and sometimes not. Also the mode might be on low speed and the wipers just stop working all together. How hard is it to change the switch? How do you get to it? How do I check that the switch is the culprit of the problem?
I just replaced the Alternator in my 1990 325i. All is fine but have a question about the output voltage to the Battery. According to the meter with the engine running, the battery is getting about 13.7 volts from the Alternator. Is this enough to keep the Battery Charged and Operate the Engine's Electronics? Should it be 14+. If so, is there any kind of adjustment at the Alternator to increase the Voltage? I bought the new Alternator at NAPA for my Vehicle, the BOSCH 90 Amp NAPA Part# NAE14813. Thanks
Hello, I have to tell you the whole story here so you will understand my Frustration!!!
Had Professional Shop on Monday December 20th 2010 inspect my vehicle for a possible sale to another person. Not much came out of the inspection, other than under carriage was too dirty for the buyer...Strange!!

Now here is the kicker!! This may be a coincidence but.....On Tuesday Dec. 21st went to the store and Radio started to go off and on....thought that was weird; then the check engine light started to blink on and off. Parked in the store lot and turned off the engine. Tried to start the engine again and Battery was completely dead. Got a jump from a nice man and drove the car home where I checked to see if the Alternator was putting out current to the was not, and Battery was down to 8 Volts. I charged the existing Battery back up to its capacity. I took the old Alternatoir out and ordered a new Alternator and put it in Wednesday 22nd. After I put in the new Alternator the Check Engine light is on with the car running....the new Alternator is charging the Battery fine. Before I took the car into the place that inspected it, it was running great and Alternator was charging.

Could the shop have done something to blow out the Alternator and harm the Charging system while they were doing the Inspection? Maybe Coil? But if that were the case the car would not even start. I'm really baffled on this one. I would appreciate any input.
I feel like it would look awesome on my car, but I also don't want my performance to take a huge hit or have my engine overheat from a lack of air. A carstache is
checked the front end for bearing failure no play at all?fromt end starts shaking at fifteen miles per hour and rotated tires no help either
the resistor for the fan control is bad, so all on or off, but the fan is extremely loud when all on
need instructions on installing a clean air filter...the manual I have doesn't depict what's actually under the hood. Where can I get better info?
actually my car is a 1988 325i bmw convertable. it has sat up for about 8-12 wont start. its like it doesnt have any power. we replaced the battery. when you turn the key nothing happens. just the radio lights come on.
Owners Manual does not say where the location is to add oil.
Im attempting to replace the timing belt and have already taken the parts off the engine. How do I find the timing marks and how are they supposed to be lined up before i put the new timing belt on?
hard to shift in to gears first and second clutch is soft and sometimes i have to lift it to the up position
I ask this question, because all four of my local BMW dealerships parts places gave me different information. Some say it is 65 amps/540 cold cranking amps. Others say 70/540, 50/450, 50/265. But I need to know so I get the right battery.
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