2005 BMW 325Ci Questions

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Car starts ok but after driving a little loses power and sometimes cuts off
does this car have one main computer/ engine computer? how much should it cost to replace?
It got spark and fuel
It has been scoped twice and they didn't find a problem. It smells like it is flooding and it happens every day now
After it starts, there are no problems
fuel pump but that didnt solve the problem
once running it performs perfect
5th to 3rd punch it, drops right to 1000 rpm. It doesn't recover. I pull over and it idles rough up and down. It will run like this till I shut it off. Start it back up everything's fine. Seems like a sensor to me but I don't have a clue beyond that. If anyone else had this issue I would appreciate any info.
My 2005 bmw 325ci has a 100K miles on it. i didn't get a 90K service. I want to have as much info as possible when i talk to the mechanics to make sure they are not trying to overcharge me. thanks for your assistance! :)
where is the thermostat located
where is the theromstat located?
Both power lock and Hazard flasher buttons do not work when pushed. Fuses are good. Doors lock work with key remote only. Is it coincidental that both buttons do not work? Do both switches go to the Locking System Central Control Module Unit? I located it behind the glove box.
when car is coming to a stop, i hear a slight knock coming fromthe front end of car...only after I begin to brake and car has almost stopped.
while in idle there is a knocking or ticking sound
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