2004 BMW 325Ci Questions

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I reset my oil reset light and it stayed on 650 it did not return to the 15000. How do I make it go back to the original 15000
passenger door collects water from rain./when it pours, I find water in the door pocet.r
No matter if I drive the car one block or 20 miles, no pressure builds up in overflow reservoir. I can just take cap off easy and no steam at all.
I've pressed every single button and nothing. The only other thing it does is when I press the "R/T" button on the steering wheel, it says "phonebook" and then says "empty!" repeatedly.
This sadens me because i'm not going through my insurance again because out rates will sky rocket the last place did a crapy job they should fix it but there all the way in California we live in Arizona now so how do i put my bumper back on omg... help me please ......
yellow break light comes on ,ive changed all rotors all break pads, both lower control arm and bushings,and the break pedal still vibrates makes this grinding sound.pretty much out of ideas please help.
Dealership rates are outrageous and Sears option is fine I guess but not sure their parts are up to standard. Where should I go, I just bought this car and don't have a trusty mechanic anymore.
Recently ,I took tha car for oil change at Jiffylube and after I could not open the auto top.The light stays yellow.Could this be due to blown fuse or some switch turned off?How much it would cost to repair if it does need.
And, it started hesitating and then it just cut off in the middle of the light. Then I saw smoke under hood. What could it be?
Dealer checked they say short in fuel
One shop had dmi modules is good
One shop security code is lucked
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