2003 BMW 325Ci Questions

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Heard a noise when driving and the light came on?
Scraping sound in left rare tire whenever brakes is applied
Will come on and cause a delay on first gear and then will turn off or we turn off car it will stop then won't do again for a few days. What can be causing this.
Idle control valve replaced, CCV and hoses replaced, MAF replaced, it's not showing any codes on test, has a new fuel pump, alternator , new plugs, valve cover gasket replaced. Any suggestions? Should I replace fuel filter and gas cap? What else is left that will effect the vacuum system, and correct this issue?
im usure why this is happening .
My car will start several times in a row on the first time then all of the sudden I turn the key and I hear nothing but the fuel pump. I took it to the mechanic and he replaced my battery and ignition module to no avail. The problem is statring to occur daily. Could this have something to do with my key or perhaps the starter is beginning to fail?
Loud. Growl. Worse as speed es up. Nothing at a crawl
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