2002 BMW 325Ci Questions

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Transmission doesn't shift 1st and 292nd gear
Trunk is in correct position. Put windows down in preparation. Light flashes but no action.
I have a bmw325ci and my car has white smoke coming out the pipe when I put my foot on the gas and also sometimes when I start it up. Can anybody help me with why this is happing
Out its 2 of the very fine hose
took to shop, said computer setting needs to be reset. no problem with computer.
Hello Everybody,

I don't know anything about cars so here is my question. At the ignition there is an orange light on the dashboard saying "Service Engine Soon", but when I turn on the engine this light turns out. Should I be worried? I've just bought the car. Thank you for your help.
the cost of replacing a right side window regulator 2002 bmw 325ci
Turn light burned out, when'd I changed it. Something happened. When I turn on the left turn signal the right turn signal comes on instead.
use a lot off coolant and oil don't see not leak

you can lock the door and the key doesn't work.
rear brake pads etc...458.00 alignment and engine drive belts tensioners and main drive belt idler this all drives fine just put on new tires...about 850.00 does all this need to be done at same time??? thank you
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