1999 BMW 323is Questions

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Got new battery in there now have no start no crank was curious as to where to start to diagnose problem
I turned the car off and turned it back on the light is off but my signal lights will not come on not even on The dash , the light doesn't flash green on the dash and i don't know why
When i have my keys in the ignition n all doors are closed and i turn the keys and it makes this noise as if the doors are open or a noise that nofitfy you to put yo seat belt on. And there is also a explamation mark and oil light thng comes on
I think the thread is gone as its not going in right and if I get it to it goes within 24 hours, what do I do or can do?
do i have to take off the fan or can i slip it over and move the tensioner pulley
I start my car and put it in gear. I can release the clutch pedal all the way and the car will not move at all.
Only sounds when backing up and I touch brake peddle...only happens when weather is cool to cold...does not happen going forward...had brakes checked by two different brake guys who have said brakes are fine....does not happen in summer time or when weather is warm
I dont want to drill any hole in the trunk and i cant access it through the back seat because of the 12 inch speakers.
Forgot to mention it is a 323i convertible
Is it behind the control panel were the radio and air control are at, and do you have to remove glove box?
front window defoger not working especially in cold weather here in fremont ca
Recently installed new driver side tail light; still doesn't work but all other lights do. Cannot locate a fuse labeled "Tail light".
What would cause a reddish oily looking substance in my expansion tank along with coolant level being extremely high?
I am leaving town and just checked my coolant to make sure I had pleanty. When I took off the cap, the coolant was all the way to the top and a reddish oily substance is floating on top. There was also some gunkie yellowish substance on the cap itself. A few weeks ago I had to have the tensioner pulley and V belts replaced. What is wrong?
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