2000 BMW 323i Questions

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I want to know which bulb is the low beam and which is the high beam because I turn my switch just once and it turns on the the two inside lights which are not bright at all then I turn it once more and the outside light comes on once which I believe is the low beam and when I turn on my high beam the 2 inside ones that were not bright at all turn on really bright this time. So are the low beams and high beams separate or together is a main question and if they are together do they go on the outside part of my headlights lamps ? This is all so confusing hope someone can help please

have a 2000 bmw 323I. When it got cold the thermostat froze and the car over heated. The next day I drained the water and filled it back up drove the car for about two months ran fine I noticed that the temp wasn't reading right when the car ran for an hour it would still read cold then when I had just started the car some times it would read hot. So I decide just to be safe I would replace the thermostat. So I did, I started the car to check for water leaks. Then I drove the car around town had no problems. How ever as soon as I hit the high way to go to work the car over headed. I did notice that the electric fan was not kicking on but I don't understand why it didn't over heat with the old thermostat But after I replaced it now it is

I just bought a 2000 bmw week had it not even a week no problems till yest3rday when it was time to leave work car wouldn't start I called the one I bought car from and he swears it never done that before

i see only one place and it says atf only also manuel has no discussion about it anywhere

The code that came up said leakage inducing. Misfire on 1 and 3 plug.

Take spark plugs off & noticed water on them.

My car continued to drive normally, but the display that shows temp/miles/time/etc. was flashing with nonsense. I turned my car off and turned my lights off, which stopped the issue temporarily before starting again. I have also noticed that it is becoming more difficult to unlock my doors manually (the key fob does not work). Is it a computer problem or a electrical issue?

I am not getting heat or cool air. And I am not hearing anything working. I have already checked the fuses

I can't get the care cool, or warmed up without using the seat heaters.

no check engine light, car runs great, found info might be recall for computer,but checked vehicle vin for reall for that issue and car does not have recall based on vin

is there anything I can do about it. And my blower is not working

After drive forward for a while it works perfectly ,it happened 3 time in 4 months