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I opened my radiator cap and there looks like no coolant level? Just purchases the car
i fill the radiator in green coolen and i drove the car like 2 hrs per day after 3 days i check the coolant i found the radiator empty i searched for leaked i didn't find some help please
PS: my car is bmw e46 323iA 1999
My serpentine belt busted at the same time I fixed everything it still won't start?
I recently replaced the starter but still having problems with the car not starting and now I believe that it may be the cable that's actually the problem
I've removed broken one and pulled two others from pick n pull no problem.
But when installing in door there is not enough space between window glass and door skin.
I've tried every angle and method short of removing window regulator. There must be a trick.
Any help is appreciated
Feels like drivetrain? Wheels? Not sure after 5 miles an hour it goes away. It's just from dead stop.
Will not go faster than around 35mph. Making no noises.
I just bought the car for $800 from a close friend and he said he only had the car for two weeks and one day it wouldn't start so he was just letting it sit. So I towed it to my house and tried jump starting it because the battery was dead and I just let it charge for a good 20 mins and tried to start it and it didn't do anything so I took the cables off and then let it sit for a few hours and then it started for me when I would pump the gas down real fast and then when I would stop pumping it, the car would die. No check engine light was on. And after that day it wouldn't start again.
It just happened during a 45 minute drive home - air condition, lights and radio was on. Happened about 6 to 8 times during the ride home. Took it to a specialized mechanic (drove without anything on during the trip to the mechanic - problem didn't reoccur). They were able to recreate the problem and replaced 2 relays in HVAC. Went to pick it up and the problem re-occurred while sitting in their parking lot. They say they've checked the alternator, battery and the entire wiring harness. There are no codes present. Thoughts?
My air condition blows cold air and then it start blowing hot air like the heater is on. It blows for about 5mins and then start blowing cold air. This only happens when the air condition is on.
There are three lights, the hand break light, the ABS light and the other light next to the ABS light. the other two go off as soon as i start the car, but the other one, which i dont know doesnt go off for the past two days
1999 BMW 323i I can't get my car out of park. the engine light and rear parking lights are on in the console. I haven't used the car for the winter
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