2000 BMW 323Ci Questions

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I put my code reader on and it gave me (2) codes PO302-cylinder 2 misfire detected, P0340 cam position sensor A bank 1ckt malfunction, trying to get an idea about cost of repair just purchased car 6/8/2018
Is it ok to use fuel filter with the fuel pressure regulator built in on 2000 bmw 323 ci
The air bag on drivers door deployed on its own. Is this airbag covered by and will be repaired by BMW ?
I already replaced the thermostat, water pump, radiator and fan
fuse panel does not show
I changed the battery for a new one because the car I have it park for 3 months
and the old battery was no good but now I put a new one and the car won't start all lights are on but is no crank or noise of starting at all I turned the key all away but nothing
all systems (running, brake lights and turn signals), are working. Sometimes the display shuts off on its own. Other times it stays on for hours. Any ideas?
Car was driving fine. Went to the store. Starting it after shoppingng just to find I've lost power steering. Tried adding atf after reading through forums but this hasn't resolved the loss of power steering. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
When starting vehicle the red oil lite on dash is on shortly, of course. After this the yellow oil lite comes on and stays on for about 30 seconds?
I have determined that I have a issue with the PCM module. How can determine if it's a bad connection or if I need to replace the PCM device.
I know it lights up when the doors are open or a light is out but what does it mean when it just stays on
Imhearing loud ticking noises
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