1999 BMW 318ti Questions

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1999 BMW 318i issues that I hope you guys can give me an assist with:

1 In the morning, car tends to have some hesitation when the engine is cold.

2 When car stops completely and it is in D, and I have the foot on the brake, the engine (feels like engine) begins to shake. But when I take my foot off brake, shaking stops.

3 When I do stop the car, the RPM's dip and it feels like engine is about to stop, but then stabilizes, although the shaking begins.

4 Sometimes when I'm driving at higher speeds and apply the brake, RPM's rev up when they should be going down. Feels like when taking the car from 4th gear to 3rd and it still has too much speed. This is momentary and immediately RPM's begin to decrease.

Car runs great, transmission is not slipping, and engine feels like it is running fine.
I have changed the spark plugs, air filter, and exhaust sensors.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Many thanks in advance,
this problem occurs when i reduce speed in traffic when its on drive.
what else can i check?
no blower fan does not work at all....heat still comes thru vents but no fan blowing and circulating it....
blower fan does not work....some heat filters out but no fan blower ....what steps do I take to replace this componet?
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