1998 BMW 318ti Questions

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It want to start but it doesn't is it because I drove inside watery road it rained heavily and it showed me a sign of red battery on the dashboard I checked the engine everything is fine I think it might be petrol pump or maybe the alternator might have water inside as I was driving in heavily rained road
Nearly bought an MB, C230 'til I found out about the balance shaft issue. Benz is really dropping the ball, not stepping up for a recall. The fix is like $4000!
I had everything else fixed
as i was sitting still my car started spraying out antifreeze. i immed shut off car. the next day i started car and sadded water to see where leak was coming from. the car died,and now it wont start.
Many have told me to get a BMW they are more expensive to fix if something goes wrong. Is this correct?
unable to locate the dip stick
For car service
front crank seal, lower front timing cover and oil pan gaskets
how do i fill the transmion an where do i fill it?
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