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Went to move the car last night, put key in as usual, it turned to ignition, lights on and then nothing, the ignition is stuck on, the barrel is locked in place and if i wiggle it the barrel spins but doesn't start or turn off.
The car was working perfectly before and is usually really reliable, it is low mileage and hasn't been modified in any way that I know about, it may have an after market alarm.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
i already have the entire head kit. i had my head checked it is 8 thousadths out and has to be shaved but the machinist told me once i shaved it i wuldnt have enough clearance left for my pistons to clear my valves how do i fix this
The fuse that controls the gas gauge, temp gauge, clock and brake lights keeps blowing. I've changed out the bulbs, changed the fuses and still the same thing. As soon as I start to drive, the fuse blows, the gas and temp arms go crazy. Short in wiring or brake switch that's under the pedal?
When the fuel level in my car goes below 1/4 tank, it takes several attempts before the car will start. The pump was replaced two weeks ago and I was told that the sending unit is part of the pump and can't be replaced separately. I don't think that is correct. Could the problem be the fuel sensor/sending unit?
I have this 97 318ti with over 200k miles, car was runing googd until last year water pump broke accessory belt fell down while car was running, battery light turns on, then car over heated, I pull over but it was late, there was lot thick steam/smoke,
I replace water pump, it crank but wont start, take it to mechanic, he said no compression, need engine, I want to rebuild engine, need to know how to do it, how to take it out from the vehicle, what need to be replace,etc..
could be electrical?
i was driving on motor way when i lost power and white smoke came out of exhgaust
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