1996 BMW 318ti Questions

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when car is running, everywhere, most of the time.
ive been told it might be the engine can I verify this
new stereo, amp,new subs just cant seem to get the cars front and back speakers to work.
recently front was working now nothing works but sub woofers
Was operating a/c at the time. Can I drive to repair shop w/o further damage?
how to change oil filter and where is located and which oil is best
the passenger window does operate but each time i press the switch up or down the window moves a little bit even when push all the way down for auto up and down. i think it could be wiring. plz help
door is loked and key wont open
Where is the Automatic Transmission Control Module located? What does it do? How much does a new one cost?
How can I obtain a replacement interior door panel for this vehicle. I can not get the car through inspection without it and the car did not come with the driver's side panel when purchased?
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