1995 BMW 318ti Questions

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Is this a fan fuse I don't know please help
Is my starter going bad
Many forums are saying that its the one next to the battery and firewall and not the one behind the headlight... but, the one behind the headlight is the larger in diameter one and that is supposed to be the Low side. help please....
i changed the plugs and lost all kind of power idle a lil rough but not to bad cant get over 50mph no power goin up hill or startin off did everythin to my knowlegde cant figure it out
the left side turn signal dont work...neither the hazard light...but the right side is good!!!
is not blow hot air in side that car
when i start my car runs fine n idle okay but wen i give it gas tha car sputters i dont no wat tha problem is can anyone give me answer why it doing this ???
No problem, just not sure where it is located.
what kind of oil 10w/40 20w/50
when I turn on the car, the gas gauge shoots to full and then drops to below empty and does not allow the car to turn over. what could this be? and how much should it cost to fix?
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