1996 BMW 318is Questions

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When set on coldest temp, left footwell blows cold air and right footwell hot air. Could it be the Transformer or the heater valve?
I drive a BMW 318i coupe two door and my passenger side window was playing up a little and today I put it down a little bit but now it just wont go back up or go down. When I press the up button it makes a small click sound but no motor noise and I also noticed that the lights dim in the car when I try and put it up, but it just wont budge! I would really appreciate if someone could help me figure out this problem! Thank you.
never a problem starting it, ususly starts right up..I jumped a expedition the other day,still ran fine,no issues..last couple of days the radio would go out a few seconds at a time,no today I hit a small patch of ice the anit break system and the whole dash came on then w/I seconds everything turned off,wont do NOTHING NOW..NOT EVEN CRANK!!
I'm trying to swap out the rt rear wheel hub assy.
my car BMW 318 IS's heating is not working. only blower is working. I have a climate control unit in the car. It,s shows the temperature of -37.5 C. it will not let me to change the temperature. I checked all fuses are fine. can anyone help me?
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