1994 BMW 318is Questions

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The coupe has windows that when the car has both doors closed the wondows shoot up so nothing gets in and when one door is opened the wondows shoot down less than and inch. The light for the doors wont go off unless i turn it off manualy and both doors are closing and clicking but the passenger door panel falls off and isnt completly on but im sure i have it on when i close my doors.
My 94 BMW 318is has been experiencing a rough ride for the last month. Every time I go over big bumps, -- clanking noises, kind of Iike a few wrenches bouncing around in a tool box -- come from my right rear tire. A softer hissing sound happens over smaller bumping like someone tapping a cymbal being lightly hit.

I went to one mechanic and got quoted 500$. I'm going to two other shops tomorrow. For other quotes.

Would it be good to buy my own parts to make it cheaper? Is the servicing what costs so much? The parts seem relatively cheap?
My speedometer and tach, along with all the instrument panel lights go on and off at will. Sometimes the gauges go off but the warning lights are still on, etc. This happens frequently, but not under any particular circumstances. Can't tell how fast I'm going or if I have gas!
I just change the transmission oil in my car and now when I put the car on drive and step on the gas , it will take like 20 to 30 seconds to move and when shift gears will jerk. I don't kow if it is my fluid level or something else. Please help
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