1993 BMW 318is Questions

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Strong fuel smell in trunk. Shop replaced fuel filter & fuel cylinoid now after I put gas in tank & car has been started a hand full of times, fuel gauge registers empty & fuel light is on. Fuel gauge has always worked until then. HELP!
Upon inspection of my vehicle, it was noticed that there are 2 holes underneath the car on both sides, in the exact same place up front. One person says they USED to be "pressure points" for auto lift, placed there by BMW and that there are actually 4 or were. I have been told that there are actually 3 holes and one space still covered and that it isnt really something to be concerned with. Another person says that BMW would have NEVER done that. Can someone PLEASE tell me what they are and am I over re-acting?
I have recently purchased an E36 (1993 318iS) and am in the midst of fixing things wrong with it. Like others I have read about, my panel "works" at will. The check engine light comes on and I BELIEVE the gas and temp gauges actually work (when they not stuck), but I cant see the mileage or the tripometer unless sun hits it the right way. Aside from some minor things I have found, the car runs beautifully and I'm TRYING to keep her that way, please help
iv had a smell dash fire , and i thank the resezter or morgel got hot hot , and it got my wiring on my closter and some of my wiring honest so iv got to pull the dash to find out all the damanage..
what is it called? who sells it? I don't even want to know why it's there, or what its purpose is, but it's a big vacuum leak.
Cant find it under the hood
i left the car for about 4 hours went back to check it out and it still wont start. it kicks over fine but thats all. how can i fix my problem?
Will this code cause problems with auto locks and transmission torque converter. How to replace ECU?
Did not drive car for two weeks. started to crank engine last night but had no clutch pressure to disengage transmission. what could cause this.
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