1998 BMW 318i Questions

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Cylinder head gasket looks not okay too much oil last week

I have recently had problems with overheating so i have changed the water pump, thermostat , radiator and re-done the head gasket n timing chain, and now i have it all put back together i have had the stability traction light come on n stays on and have loss of power , can u please help me out? Took it to a garage and they said most of my sensors need replacing and the next step would be to check the timing chain which could cost quite abit, i have spent alot already and would like some advice please .thank you
cv join repair for bmw 318i 1998 model e46?
i want to know how much they cost?
Car runs for about fifteen minutes before this causes issues. How much will this cost to repair?

I have a problem with my BMW 318i. It can't go beyond 40 km/h. Once I step on the accelerator peddle it can't go beyond 40 km/h, it will just start raving itself. I took it to the garrage and was told to replace the airflow sensor but it couldn't respond. Please advise.

sammy mulenga
how much r134
Why radiator fun cant stop running after key off.And my CD player goes off when starting the car and come on after i drive for a few minutes.
What can i do to make my radiator fun function well.?
when drive the car cold nothing happen,but after drive about 30 minutes the A/T light go on and the gear is erratic,what is bad?,no check engine light,no codes problem.
I just bought a 1998 318i and whenever I take off or break really hard, I can hear what sounds like the gas in the gas tank shifting. It drives me nuts! Why does it do this? Does anyone else have this problem?
lately when am driving along and step on the brake pedal,my radio goes off and comes back on,the instrument lights flicker and sometimes the clock/temp display resets. sometimes this also happens when i use the turn signal. sometimes the ABS and auto traction control lights come on when i brake or engage cruise control. today i was doing 70 on the highway and turned on my lights and the car hesitated for a second and all the instrument warning lights came on and went off immediately. sometimes when am parked with the car running and i step on the brake pedal,the instrument and headlights flicker and radio goes off and comes back on. if i turn the key to kill the motor,radio and all instrument lights go off and come back on. this problem occurs intermittently sometimes going away for a week. help.
I have a 1998 BMW 318i.I can't unlock the luggage compartment with master key. What should I do?
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