1996 BMW 318i Questions

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My steering wheel shakes (whether moving or sitting at a stop signal). Probably from hitting too many potholes! It makes me nervous to drive highway speeds until I get it checked out.
What can I do to fix it?
318i 5 spd all lights come on charged battery real good no
start tried to push and jump start it acted as if it wanted to no fire to starter wont turn over?
I donot have a manual and I donot what the codes are or the gauge readings.
my key will turn a stay in a start position but will not stat my car up
Carwas heating, changed head gasket, valves, skimmed head and reset timing but now car not starting, what could be the problem and how can i fix it. BMW 328i e36
1996 bmw 318I the key spends all the way around will not let me start the car. i turned the key 60 degree & inserted 1.2 mm wire to push down the lock cylinder will not release?
1996 bmw 318i the key spins all the way around and will not start or turn on car i turn the key 60 degree and inserted 1.2 mm wire into thesmall bore hole to push down but the cylinder will not release
Whenever i hit a bump in the road all four power window come down about two inches.
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