1994 BMW 318i Questions

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C an I change dash clusters without having to change odometer reading like in my Chrysler T&C?
I have ordered and replaced the window regulator clips on my 1994 BMW 318i
The window would not roll up or down without falling off track. The clips were old and worn down. So this fixed part of my problem.
I now see that the plastic piece connecting the third arm portion of the regulator is also worn causing it to pop off when trying to roll the window as it reaches all the way up, and it falls off track again. The weight of the window pulls at the arm and it pops out! Where can I find the plastic rolling piece or bushing without replacing the whole window regulator? Thanks!
It's a 1994 BMW 318i
It's a 5 speed transmission, standard.
My car starts, runs, and shifts fine. But when I come to a complete stop while in gear the engine sputters and eventually shuts off. The problem first occurred when I was low on coolant so I thought it was a problem with the radiator, but I replaced the radiator and it now longer gets low on coolant; I also checked the transmission fluid level and there was no problems there.
what is this block called.And can I get a new one?
While driving my gauges my go completely out. What can cause this problem?
car runs and drive I no a oil change come first then should do the coollint system I no bmw put poor water pumps that has a plastic peas that wears out and also on the ThrumiSTHAT and one of the PULLY am I wrong if please let me no because the will be one thing of my mine .so if you can tell what to look for would real help me .I need this car for work thank you
Light stays on. Is it something anyone can fix or do I need to bring it to a BMW dealer? Will it be costly?
Thank you
even though all dash board lights come on, absolutely nothing happens when i turn over my ignition! not even a click. and my battery is four days old. can somebody please tell me why my car wont turn on? can somebody please help!!?? with my m3 1994 bmw 318i convertible..
I just purchased this little green 1994 318i for a gas saver. The guy said it had a positive first gear...I say now "ha it. Means ...make sure you heave it in first a
!!! Sometimes smooth as silk for all gears...sometimes not. Just wear? It has about 150k on it.
ive replaced the alternator as well as the battery and it still will not stay charged the car dies completely out while i am driving
it sounds like it might be comming from the drive shaft i ve been told its from some time of bearing and the rubber piece that its hung from is kinda worn out but only when i accelerate quickly if its slow and gradual no once i get going ay higher speeds theres nothing and it rides perfect
Just replaced fuel pump, and fuel filter ! car was setting about 3 years, now i have no power to fuel pump ? checked fuse it is OK !
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