1991 BMW 318i Questions

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This 1991 bmw 318i wants to start but no power to the fuel pump plz help. ... relays are good and brand new pump
Charged battery overnight, car started, ! symbol has gone out.
Possible causes
have already checked the fuel filter and pump. The rpm goes up and down and the car struggles to stay cranked. What do you think could be the problem?
Havent been having gear problems until this morning in just wont go into reverse. The 1,2,3,4 &5th gears are fine. Could it be a sim0le linkage problem? Guess I'll drive it up on my racks and take a look.
Does anyone know of good BMW mechanics in the 719 (colorado Springs) area?!
i bought my 318i at an auction it runs beautifully if i can get it to start and the only way i can is to bang on the steering column its an electrical issue i drove it back from auction and it ran great but i can't find a short or anything any suggestions or common starting problems?!?
My fule filter was blocked so I replaced it.
The car still did not start so I pulled out the fule pump and tested it and it ran but the sock was bad.
I ran out of gas so I added fuel from a can so I could make it to the gas the car wont start and it sounds like it is'nt getting any fuel. do I need to prime it?
Can anybody please tell be where the cabin air filter is on a 1991 bmw 318I or a wed site that can give me a diagram.
fuel pump has nopower what could be wrong
I am looking for the location of the blower motor in a 1991 BMW 318. Also, any information on how to repair the blower motor would be helpful.
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