Q: Blown Head Gasket on 1998 Ford Taurus

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I have a used 98 ford taurus with under 90,000 miles on it and after blowing white smoke and spewing fluids everywhere i looked at the engine oil dipstick and discovered a thick caramely milk. after looking up why the smoke was coming out i found a blown head gasket.. can anybody tell me how much it would cost to have it done? i realize to do it myself will take a lot of time and help..
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If you don't have the cash now, try liquid glass (generic name) for now. It has worked so far on two cars, including a v6 Taurus. You must follow the instructions exactly.
According to the RepairPal Estimate guide, it will run from $1175-$1663 on a 3.0 liter V6 with out the dual over head cam engine. Does your 3.0 V6 have dual over head cams?
and if you're doing one side, do both. I took a gamble and only did the side that was blown about 7 months ago and now the other one went. everyone told me if you're doing one you should do the other but I went cheap.
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