Q: Blown Head Gasket on 1999 Ford Mustang Cobra

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I just recently took my care to a local mechanic and he stated that my car has "blown 8th cylinder/head gasket". He advised me that the repair would cost more than the value of the car. Do I have a any options for repair?
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You should take this to another shop for a second opinion. While this repair is expensive, I don't know if it exceeds the value of this vehicle. Here are a few shops in your area:
I agree with Bret, they may be pricing it high enough to make you want to get rid of. You are welcome to bring it by to our shop for a free diagnosis & estimate, just bring in this e-mail per Joe
The reason they said that is it's time consuming . The head can't be takin off in the car so the whole engine has to be dropped from below , I just help my bro with his 2004 cobra . They might want it for a dirt cheap price so discourage you and they get it .