Q: Blower/fan vibrates as speed (of fan) increases. on 2004 Nissan Maxima

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Blower/fan vibrates as speed (of fan) increases. At highest setting, the entire dashboard and console shake so bad it is actually scary. Would appear to be the blower - do you agree?

I've got auto climate control and just about every extra this car had to offer. I'm pretty good with fixing things.

Can the blower be easily replaced? I can see/hear that it's under the glove box. It's a tight fit for me to work in that area.

Are there free service manuals on-line somewhere?
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I would start by removing the glove box and cabin air filter to see if you can gain access to the fan assembly. If not, remove the blower assembly (bolts can be accessed from under the glove box) and inspect. Chances are something is stuck in there. We have see rats, plastic bags, etc.

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