Q: Blower regulator location on 1997 Mercedes-Benz S320

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Where is the blower regulator located in my 1997 Mercedes S320? I want to replace it to see if this is why my climate air is not blowing at all.
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Best thing to do is to have someone with a Mercedes capable scanner, (not a parts store), scan the data stream of your Climate Control system to see what is defective, it could be as simple as a temp sensor. If you just try and guess what is wrong, well that is a way to burn up a lot of money, with very limited upside, especially on Mercedes parts.

here are some shops:
If anyone needs to know about 92-97 MB climate control I Know now. I took the total system apart under the hood and found they (regulator and resistor) are in the filter compartment. Easy to remove and replace. Lot of screws though. However, before replacing anything check and make sure the motor bushings are not corroded and sealed to motor. That's all that was wrong with mine. The motor would not turn, was frozen. Light turn released it. corrosion was on aluminum components in this area also. System works fine now. By the way, the battery is in the trunk on the passenger side, below a panel.
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