Q: Blower Motor Replacement - Pricing on 2004 Scion xA

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I just got an estimate to replace the Blower Motor on my 04 Scion xA and was quoted $1100, but the estimator tool on RepairPal is suggesting a range of 178-205. It suggests a labor price of 49-62. Is that meant to be a per hour rate? I was told it would take 6+ hours to replace, and at that rate, it would still be about half of what I was quoted. Is $1100 an outrageous amount to replace a blower motor?
Thank you.
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Let me look into this estimate for you, for some reason there is a large disparity with the RepairPal estimate and I want to figure out why. I'll respond shortly.
We've looked into this and we don't know how this shop is coming up with 6 hours to perform this job. Are you sure you aren't being quoted for the heater core?
Thank you for your response and follow up bretb. I'm sure it's just the blower motor. They replaced a part (resistor? transistor?) but the blower was broken again in 3 days. The air is cooled, it just doesn't blow. Thank you again, I will pursue another estimate.
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