Q: blower motor replacement on 1998 Dodge Ram Van 1500

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what is the procedure for replacing the heater blower motor and approx how long might it take?
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Labor guide says .8h to replace the blower motor. I believe it is just under the glove box under the right side of the dash and is easily assessable. The heater blower resistor pack is right next to it. The resistor pack controls the speed of the fan. The fan is secured to the heater housing with three screws/bolts. Test the fan by putting the two wires going to it across the battery terminals and see if it spins.
Hi, just put a blower motor in my 96 Dodge Ram 2500 van today. Still no air coming through the vents in the cab...but compressor working and tubes are cold but not frosted over. What else would you check? Thanks! Rachael-sweating in Houston!
The resistor sir, is accessible by opening the hood. It's the easiest resistor to replace on earth.