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1995 Ford Escort Question: blower motor relay location

I've looked under the hood where the relays are located in the black box, no relay listed for blower fan only cooling fan. There are a couple relays on the passenger side fire wall, would this be one of them for the blower? -
Answer 1
Are you looking for the blower motor resistor? It is under the passenger side dash... Check the wiring connector too that plugs in for burned terminals and melted plastic. -
Comment 1
I have the same problem. I replaced the resistor and blower motor will still not run. The plastic on one of the connectore you plug into he resistor is a little melted. should i replace that too? also need to know where to buy. thanks -
Comment 2
Yes, yes and yes. That is why the blower motor still will not run. I always suggest connector replacement along with resistor replacement (see above). -
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