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Q: Blower moter on 2003 Dodge Dakota

The blower moter will not run on any setting the moter is good I checked it, also checked all of the fuzes, I think, but controles on dsh will not turn the moter on. What else can I check
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Check the blower motor resistor, they are quite problematic. If you follow the power wire from the motor, it will lead back to the resistor. The resistor also has 4 wires leading from the heater fan control, one for each speed. If your getting power to these wires and not out of the resistor, then you found your problem.
Also some other things to know are that when this resistor goes, it often can cause the connector that plugs into the resistor to melt. Dodge sells a repair kit for this connector but they wanted $95 dollars from a dealer I called. Needless to say, I wasn't going to pay $95 for a connector "repair" kit. So what I did is I bought a new resister (to replace the fried one which cost $13) and I went to Radio Shack and bought some butt connectors. These are round barrel type connectors that are about an 1" long and you simply plug a wire in each end and crimp it. What I did was I marked the resistor where each wire should plug into if the connector were to plug into the resistor. Then using the but connectors I bought for $2.50 for a pack of 10, I flattened one end of the butt connector so that it was now oval shaped. The other end of the butt connector I plugged one of the wires into and crimped it in. When I was done I had a butt connector on each individual wire. I then plugged the appropriate wire into the appropriate spade connector on the new resistor block. It works like a charm and the best only cost me $2.50.
go to your dodg dealer and tell them the problem, the parts guy will sell you a new resitor, (sorry can't think of the correct name for this) anyways, they're not expensive and you can fix it yourself in minutes. It goes under the dash on the passenger side. If the Dodge guy is a decent fella, he'll show you exactly where it is.
Under the glove compartment is the blower. Inside the assembly is the resistor which is held with two crews. The resistor costs about $10 and is available at your dealership. This will take you about 5 minutes to replace. If after you replace the resistor it fails again I would recommend replacing the blower motor. This is a common problem and I only wish Chrysler had treated this as a recall.
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