Q: Blower makes a wierd sound but does not blow anything on 2004 Volvo XC90

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The a/c worked when I purchased it a week ago. Now when I try he a/c, defroster, or anything, there is only a quiet sound comming from what seems to be the vents. The blower does not blow any air no matter what I do. I checked the fuse for the blower located at the side of the dash and under the hood for the a/c, they are good.
Does anyone have another idea.
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it could be the blower motor or the controller. you will need to find a local shop that specializes in Volvo, as they may need to scan the controller to determine if it is faulty. you don't have to go to the Volvo dealer, but just
a "general" shop will not have the software to diagnose this car. might as well find them now; you'll need them.
Sorry for the bother but I went out and found that the blower is now working. I trid it a bunch of times with and with out other things such as the defrost and radio, etc to see if the fuse would blow and it did not. It still makes that sound as if there is a paper or something in the air flow, very low and does disipate after a few seconds.
What do you make of this?
Someone else, in the business, said it can be possibly not enough refridgerant? Not enough pressure therefore........
I think jiberish (is tht spelled with a G?). Anyway, your advise.........