Q: Blower is on-- No heat, cannot change source, temperature; display blank. on 2000 Nissan Quest

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This is a GLE with "Auto" setting on the climate control head. It went "kaput" shortly after a couple of repairs regarding the radiator system. The radiator had to be replaced due to crumbled/ corroded plastic beneath upper hose clamp. It was okay for 1 day, then overheating again. Electrical shop replaced the Temp. Sending Unit--stating that the engine did not exceed tolerance range; the TSU was giving the dash gauge a false reading. I have tried 2 aftermarket Climate Control Head Units with the same result. And yes, of course, its radio operates but has had a blank display since purchased. With winter here, we would greatly appreciate any help... //P.S.-- Any chance that there are applicable similarities to the issue posted 02/04/09?
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