Springtime Air Conditioning Check-up

By Jim Taddei - April 9th 2010

Checking your Air Conditioning system before the Summer heat!

When the temperatures rise so does Air Conditioning use and with that comes the expense of repairing an A/C system that is not functioning as it should. These repairs can be as minor as simply adding refrigerant (called 134A in most new cars) to restoring a system after a catastrophic compressor failure.

If you would like more information on basic operation of your A/C system please read the RepairPal article on Heating and Air Conditioning.

Inspecting the A/C operation before it gets too warm is a good way to keep from finding out you have a problem when the first hot day of summer rolls around. Here is what you can do. Turn the system on - does the air feel cold? Is the air flowing out of the proper vents? If you answer no to either of these questions your A/C system is in need of repair, please look over the RepairPal article related to A/C issues to try and determine what may be wrong.

There are not many repair tasks the average Do-it-Yourself should attempt related to A/C systems. The only two things that come to mind are inspection of the serpentine belt and looking for debris blocking air flow across the condenser. Any worn belts should be replace and any debris should be removed, these cannot only cause A/C problems but can also cause engine overheating issues.

Here's to a long cool summer!

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