What’s the Most Complex Car at RepairPal?

By Barbara Gnos - July 2nd 2008

Now that RepairPal covers 94 percent of the cars on the road, we’ve discovered some interesting data that we’ll be sharing with you. But instead of just telling you about our findings, we thought you might like a game of trivia. It's a bit like Jeopardy for our auto enthusiasts.  

Question: What’s the most complex vehicle on the road? Hint: it has more than 100 Intel processors on board.


The first person to post the right answer will receive loads of fame here on the RepairPal blog.

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I think this is a trick question, the answer is most likely a vehicle that one wouldn't think is very complex at all. My Answer: Hyundai
My guess is the Toyota Prius. The car is always calculating, adjusting and keeping the synergy drive in check.
If it's not the Prius, then maybe it's one of the Lexus hybrids? My guess is the Lexus RX, a bit more complicated than the Prius, but still the same ballpark!
It is probably a high end Mercedes which has every conceivable electronic device on the dashboard and elsewhere.
Well, if we are talking sophistication and top of the line, it has to be a Hybrid. The most complex one made right now, in my opinion is the 2008 Lexus LS 600h L.
I'm gonna go ahead and say the GL series SUV from Mercedes. Thing is insane with computers. An MCSE should be working on that thing, not an ASE.
Most processors ever would probably be one the the DARPA rally participants. One the road now I would guess something like the Nissian GTR or the EVO-X. Something with a user adjustable control for nearly every function.