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Issues After Replacing Your Battery?

By Jim Taddei - February 18th 2010
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We've been getting quite a few questions lately in our Q&A about people replacing their battery and then having all sorts of problems. I've added two informative articles about how to avoid these problems, and if you encounter them, how to address them.

The first article looks at some of the different modules and what can happen if power is lost - Memory Loss Associated with Battery Replacement

The second article reviews what can happen when the Engine Control Module loses battery power and what can be done if a stalling condition is present after power is lost - Engine Stalling After Battery Replacement

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Ive heard a rumor about clearing codes on the older chryslers. After disconnecting both battery posts to clear codes you need to ground the positive cable to computer for 20 seconds or else the computer will keep the old settings in there thinking the problem is not yet fixed. Spencer at