Check Engine Light Diagnostic Assistant

By Bret Bodas - May 5th 2009
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Check Engine Lights...many of us have seen them, some have had the "privilege" of trying to get rid of them, and others choose to ignore them all together. No matter your approach, it's becoming more and more likely, due to state emissions regulations that you will have to address this warning light issue before you can pass your vehicle inspection, so it's important to address them properly.

We here at RepairPal have been working on providing information that addresses some of the most commonly seen reasons for the Check Engine Light to come on, and some of the most commonly misdiagnosed problems as well.

For starters we have created this questionnaire to fill out and take to your service department. Providing this information will help get the appropriate information to the mechanic that will be working on your car, and this will save you time, and in some cases money!

If you are experiencing a check engine light issue, fill out this questionnaire and take it in to the repair shop and present it to the service writer, they will be impressed with your pro-active approach! If you have a request for a questionnaire that you would like to see in the future, please drop us a line at

To print a copy, click the "More" button, and select "Print"

Check Engine Light Diagnostic Assistant

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Bullsh*t. The dealer wants you to spend $100 to read a damn code. You will fill out the form, hand it to them, they will throw it away and check for a code. They only see $$$$.