5 Common Reasons Why Your Car May Be Shaking

By Eric Lawton - November 29th 2016

As an everyday driver, you will probably come face-to-face with car troubles and one of the most common symptoms consumers face is a shaking car. The first questions that come to mind are what’s causing this and will it require an urgent, or costly, fix?

A shaking car can be caused by a variety of things, ranging in urgency. We’ve put together a list of the most commons reasons you may be asking yourself, "Why is my car shaking?"


1. Your tires are out of balance.

If the shaking begins around 55MPH, have your tires checked for proper balance. This is often a fairly easy and inexpensive repair.

2. Your brake rotors are out of round.

If you experience shaking while braking, chances are that your rotors need some attention or replacement. Your mechanic can easily diagnose this issue during routine maintenance and advise you about repairs or replacements for your brakes.

3. You have a bent axle.

The axles of your car can be damaged without you even realizing it. Were you in a minor accident recently? Do you drive on rough roads? Have you maybe ran over a curb (or two...)? Even if you can't remember a specific incident that may have caused damage, it's well worth having those axles checked out.


4. You have a wobbly wheel.

Remember those potholes and curbs we've mentioned? They can cause a wheel to loosen. Sometimes it needs a small adjustment. Sometimes it needs a more serious fix. Either way, you should address that issue sooner rather than later.

5. Your car shakes while idling.

If you are at a standstill and your car shakes or vibrates more than it used to, you may have something loose in the engine or radiator. Parts inside the engine block that come loose have nowhere to go, so they vibrate in place and can be felt throughout the rest of the vehicle. A broken radiator fan will also be felt through the entire car.

If your vehicle is shaking, take it to your local RepairPal Certified shop to have it properly diagnosed and repaired. Shakes will never just work themselves out and can only cause more damage if ignored.

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