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Are Your Car Repairs Predestined?

By Matt Ellinwood - September 15th 2008

You love that new car smell! You're so freaked out about your new baby getting its first scratch that you somehow manage to take up 3 parking spaces trying to keep it safe. You adore the fact that your ride has never had a problem. But you know it's inevitable: your car will have its first "event"—hopefully later rather than sooner.

To help you prepare you for that first issue, check out RepairPal's Common Problems With Your Car section. Select the make, model, and year of your car, and our exclusive database will tell you if there are any problems that commonly crop up on your specific vehicle. These can include issues with the brakes, drive train, electrical system, lights, engine, exhaust system, heating, AC, suspension, or steering. If there are common issues, some may be avoidable by a preventive visit to your mechanic (Repairpal can even help you find one).

Common Problems With Your Car is also perfect for buyers looking for a used car. If a previous owner already dealt with a common problem, you may not have to face it yourself. As Warren Brown wrote in the July 18, 2008, Washington Post, "Check out for an authoritative rundown on how the used car or truck you are thinking about has held up in the real world."

And, on the bright side, it's also satisfying to know that your car has no common problems.

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