Customer Feedback: All 'bout RepairPal Canada – Eh?

By Barbara Gnos - July 2nd 2008

"Really think the site is great. How bout extending it to Canada, any plans?"

While RepairPal isn't yet available north of the 49th parallel, the number of Canadians asking for it suggests we might accelerate our launch there. 

We've also had requests from Europe and even New Zealand – the latter is a particularly intriguing idea that will definitely require some field research for the RepairPal team.

What other geographies or countries would benefit from RepairPal? Drop us a line.

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I am Canadian; And waiting IMPATIENTLY for you to come on over 'ere!! We'll buy you a beer. :)
Hello Canada, What is it about our current version of RepairPal you would like to see changed/updated to accommodate Canada? Thank you, Bret Bodas RepairPal Director | Automotive Professional Group
One easy change that would help canadians is adjusting the zip code field to accept canadian postal codes which are alphanumeric (ie. M1T3S1). Right now if I want to input a comment I have to put in a fake zip code like 12345 to have my comment accepted. Another change more difficult to implement would be to refer quality, honest local mechanics. I've had bad experiences with independent mechanics so have been going to the dealer and paying exorbitant rates even though I don't think the dealer is any more honest.
i am a Canadian i think that repair pal should be for Canadian residents would be awesome....
Happy Canada day eh (yesterday). I live in Alberta and use repair pal (using Montana location info). It is super useful to get a ballpark figure but would be much better if it was in Canadian dollars and showed Canadian shops. Also, it would be neat if there was a link to the local pick n pull. They have a searchable database of their stock including the make and model of the car a custom. Anyway keep up the good work.
Dear Repair Pal: Thank you for maintaining your excellent site. Please, consider seriously building a Repair Pal for British Columbia, Canada. BC humans do a ton of cross-border shopping into Washington State from the Province of British Columbia, but we would benefit from knowing you are quoting in Canadian Dollars West of THE ROCKIES! Thank you.
There are 37 million and growing Canadians North of the 49th,we have some of the biggest road systems in the world,one of the richest countries in the world and Canadians like their vehicles,you guys should be here.Reprogram your ZIP code box to accommodate CDN postal codes