RepairPal Stories

By Rob Sturtz - March 31st 2009

Everyday we hear stories about how RepairPal is helping people around the country (and even some people in far corners of the world). In recent months the quantity of stories has increased a lot. Last week, our hometown NBC station helped share one of these stories. Check it out:

Do you have a RepairPal story? Share it with us!

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By - November 01, 2012
I Love these people you can get a honest answers allways! they are the most kind of people you want to do buisness with and they care about you and your car,there not their to digg in your pockets!and as a women that to me is a comfort to know what they are talking about and to put you at ease.for example i have a older mother that has been taken for not once but buy someone she did buisness with for 15 years to find out they where charging her to much money,for work they where supposed to do and did not!!!!any way thay are a great bunch of people
By - October 30, 2015
Hi Rob, I am unable to upload documents on the repair entry. Can we do something about it ? Thanks Raj