Addressing Transmission Problems

By Bret Bodas - January 15th 2009
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We here at RepairPal have been receiving tons of feedback from you about the complexities that revolve around the automotive repair process. Many of you have commented on the difficulties involved with having to return to the shop several times to have a problem addressed, sometimes without a resolution. This often results in wasted time and money, and you may still have a vehicle with the original problem! What we at RepairPal will continue to do is to provide you with the tools necessary to increase your chances of resolving these difficult problems.

While there are many automotive repair shops that strive to "Fix it Right the First Time", this is not always an easy task. Providing the service advisor, and thus the mechanic working on the car with the appropriate information is a major step toward resolving vehicle problems. One of the tools we will be providing over the coming months are questionnaire sheets that will ask you, the person experiencing the problem, about the symptoms related to the problem. When you can provide this valuable information from the start, your chances of a speedy, less costly resolution are greatly increased.

This week we will focus on transmission problems. If you are experiencing transmission problems, print out the Transmission Diagnostic Assistant worksheet below, fill it out and take it in to the repair shop and present it to the service writer, they will be impressed with your pro-active approach! If you have a request for a questionnaire that you would like to see in the future, please drop us a line at

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RepairPal Diagnostic Assistant - Transmission

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i just bougt a 92 Jaguar vanden plas xj6 the owner took out the fuse to the cluster so nothing worked and when i put a fuse in check eng light and tranny light was on tranny is in limp mod stuck in 3rd gear how can i fix this problem.