Q: blinkers won;t work on 1996 Plymouth Neon

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i only have my right blinker when my headlights are on.
(1) Answer
Inspect all of your Bulbs. Headlamps, Tail lamps, Park Lamps, Turn Signal Lamps. Make sure all bulbs are working. Inspect bulb sockets for corrosion, overheated connectors etc. Replace in necessary. The turn signal flasher and the hazard warning flasher are combined into one unit called a combination flasher (combo-flasher) The combo- flasher controls the flashing of the hazard warning system and the turn signal system. An inoperative bulb or incomplete turn signal circuit will cause the flasher rate to double. The combo-flasher is located on the fuse block. The combo-flasher is black in color for ease of identification. If all else is good your Multifunction Switch is probably defective.
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